Why 66°30 name?

66°30 is the tilt angle of the Earth in relation to its orbit around the sun. It is at the origin of the existence and rhythm of the seasons.


A symbol of the strength and stability of the universe, 66°30 is also a symbol of the fragility of the great natural balances.


For today's man, driven by the same antagonism of strength and vulnerability, confident in the future but also aware of the fragile balance of his environment and skin, 66°30 dedicates a complete line of organic care, respectful of both man and nature.

Why 66°30 and not another brand?

Firstly, our brand is truly committed to a natural, organic, and eco-friendly approach. All our products are exceptionally rich in active ingredients, 5 times more than the average. This concentration allows for a very small quantity to be used, ensuring a long duration of use for each product. The results achieved with our products are remarkably fast; you just have to try them to see for yourself.

Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are made on the Brittany coast, in France.

What is the difference between the Organic label and the Ecocert label?

To obtain the Organic label, our products must meet strict criteria, including:


◉ Minimum 95% of ingredients of natural origin,

◉ Minimum 95% of organic ingredients in the plant-based portion,

◉ Minimum 20% of total organic ingredients,

◉ Maximum 5% of synthetic ingredients.

The Ecocert label goes further, also requiring that packaging materials be recycled and recyclable. Ecocert conducts annual checks to ensure compliance

What is the difference between an Organic product and a natural/conventional skincare product?

An organic product adheres to strict standards with a high percentage of natural and organic ingredients. Natural/conventional skincare products do not have specific thresholds for organic/natural ingredients to meet, and they may contain synthetic ingredients without restrictions.

Are your products certified?

Our products are certified Ecological and Organic cosmetics by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard available at or Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Cosmos standard.

Are your packagings recyclable?

The cardboard boxes can be sorted with cardboard and plastic and are sourced from eco-managed forests.


For the Hyper-hyaluronic Anti-Aging Serum and the 5-in-1 Beard Oil, you can unscrew the dropper, then recycle the bottle and the glass part of the dropper in bins dedicated to glass recycling. The dropper's plastic collar is recyclable and can be sorted with plastic, while only the dropper's teat should be disposed of in regular waste bins.


Regarding other products, we prioritize recyclable PET plastic, approved by the COSMOS Organic label, which you can recycle with cardboard and plastic.

Men's Cosmetics vs. Unisex or Women's Cosmetics:

Above all, to grasp the distinction between products designed for men and women, it is essential to understand the specificities of the skin, as skincare must take these differences into account.


 Thickness: Male skin is generally thicker than that of females, usually exceeding 60 μm (compared to less than 50 μm for females). It also has more collagen fibers, providing greater flexibility.


 Oilier Skin: Men tend to have oilier skin, characterized by a higher quantity of sebaceous glands and often larger pores. This characteristic frequently leads to oily, shiny skin, prone to imperfections and ingrown hairs.


 Aging: The presence of collagen delays the appearance of signs of aging. However, the decrease in collagen over the years can lead to the development of deeper wrinkles and sagging skin, sometimes accompanied by the emergence of under-eye bags and dark circles.


 Shaving: Frequent shaving weakens the outer layers of the epidermis and reduces the skin's natural protection. Consequently, weakened skin is less resistant to aggressions such as micro-cuts, inflammation, ingrown hairs, pimples, and other redness.


As you have understood, these distinctions imply the need to develop specific products. These products will have light, non-greasy, and non-sticky textures, ensuring easy absorption. Moreover, they will be highly concentrated in anti-aging actives, considering the differences in the aging process, and will contain ingredients that promote skin regeneration, particularly important due to the aggressions related to shaving

I am a woman, can I use these products?

Absolutely! If you prefer light, non-greasy, non-sticky textures that absorb quickly and are enriched with anti-aging actives, then our brand can meet your expectations!

What sets our creams apart from other natural face creams on the market?

Our products are certified organic, vegan, and contain between 98% to 100% naturally derived ingredients, with 60 to 90% of them being organic. They also boast up to 88% active principles, which is five times more than other skincare products on the market.

Why are your products more expensive than the other brands?

The high concentration of active ingredients (80-88%), low water percentage (<3%), and Bio or Cosmos Organic certifications justify our pricing.

Why don't you develop more products?

Currently, our latest creation dates back to 2017. Our ongoing quest focuses on innovation, naturalness, eco-responsibility, and the authentic effectiveness of products without compromising their sensory appeal. Developing an organic product is complex due to the strict specifications; it is not possible to include every element. Our goal is not to offer an organic product that is less effective or less sensorially pleasing than our other products. That's why our development processes take time.

Let's emphasize that our brand stands out with a limited range of multifunctional products that go straight to the essentials. Thus, we prioritize quality over quantity.

Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, all our products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Where can we find your products?

Find our products on our website and at our partners.

Check the list of our partners.

In what order should the products be applied?

Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturizer. From lighter to richer, and from aqueous to oily.

How long do your products last?

The shelf life varies depending on the product. Please refer to the packaging for this information.

Does your formula contain allergens?

No, our fragrances are developed by a Master Perfumer who uses naturally derived scents that are free from allergens.

Do I need to cleanse my face morning and night?

Listen to your skin. If it responds well to cleansing both morning and night, go ahead. Otherwise, opt for cleansing in the evening and use a toner or thermal water in the morning.

What is the purpose of exfoliation?

Exfoliation works by removing dead skin cells, thereby stimulating natural cell renewal and leaving your skin softer and smoother. Additionally, it enhances the effectiveness of subsequent skincare products you apply.

Is the 3-in-1 Face Scrub & Mask suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our exfoliant is suitable even for sensitive skin. It offers a dual exfoliation action. For normal skin, mechanical exfoliation is possible by applying circular motions with the grains. However, if your skin is sensitive or prone to acne, you can simply let the product work, as it provides chemical exfoliation. Fruit acids naturally work to eliminate surface dead skin cells. In this case, you can leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse to benefit only from the scrubbing effect. If you also want to enjoy the benefits of the mask, you can leave it on for an additional 5 minutes. The mask contains white clay, which helps absorb excess sebum without aggressing the skin.

Can I use my serum alone?

The application of the Hyper-Hyaluronic Face Serum is recommended in combination with a cream to fix the molecules and optimize its effectiveness. On the other hand, the  

Natural Glow Face Serum can be used alone, but it is essential to pay attention to your skin sensations. If you experience tightness, applying a cream on top is recommended.

Your flagship active ingredient, the Urban Shield, what is it

The Urban Shield is a patented complex by 66°30 that provides unique protection against modern aggressions such as stress, pollution, air conditioning, and more.

What is the difference between the 2 Day Cycles?


1/ Ultra-Hydrating 6-in-1 Day Cycle:

 It incorporates a 'razor burn' function, thanks to the bilberry seed oil from Finland and antioxidant-rich Arctic berries, providing a powerful soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

 Particularly suitable for dry, mature, and delicate skin.

 Available in 50ml and 15ml versions.


2/ Ultra-Fresh Day Cycle:

 Its gel/cream formula is lighter, offering a less 'nourishing' sensation than the 6-in-1 Day Cycle.

 Its lightweight texture makes it an ideal choice for summer or for those who prefer something fresher and lighter.

 Particularly suitable for oily and/or combination skin.

 Available in a 75ml version.

The Complete Anti-Aging Face Regenerator (Night Cycle) vs. the Essential Balm (Extreme Cycle):

The Extreme Cycle is characterized by its Essential Balm with a richer texture, creating a true protective barrier against daily aggressions such as wind, cold, and pollution. It also has a razor burn function, being very rich. It can be used in the morning and/or evening, and, in line with our mattifying commitment, will not leave a greasy sensation on the skin. The Essential Balm belongs to the Extreme Cycle, which focuses on intense hydration and extreme anti-aging. That's why it contains two weights of hyaluronic acid: high molecular weight for surface hydration and low molecular weight to stimulate the skin's collagen.


As for the Night Cycle, it offers a complete anti-aging action with a combination of stimulating, firming, and collagen-boosting active ingredients. Despite its nocturnal designation, it can also be used in the morning. Its texture is more fluid and light, suitable for daily use.

What is the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the Hyper-Hyaluronic Anti-Aging Serum?

Our Extreme Hyper-Hyaluronic Serum contains 5% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid of plant origin (particularly effective against wrinkles). This is between 3 and up to 25 times more than a standard product on the market.