What is the purpose of a serum?

A serum is a skin booster. It contains a high concentration of active ingredients that target specific issues such as wrinkles, pigmentation spots, or loss of elasticity. And it comes as an addition to your usual moisturizers or anti-aging products.

What's the difference compared to a cream?

Serums have a lightweight texture, penetrate quickly into the skin, and are rich in concentrated actives. The active molecules in serums are small and penetrate deeply into the skin.

Creams are thicker and act as a protective shield on the skin's surface. They provide long-lasting hydration, but they don't go as deep as serums.

But beware, the serum doesn't work alone. It needs a cream to act as a barrier. So yes, the cream can be applied on its own, but the serum needs a partner to work!

How do I choose my serum?

To choose your serum, just target your needs. Do you want to fight against early or future wrinkles? Voila, the Wrinkle-Reducing Serum with Hyper Hyaluronic Acid. Is your complexion looking dull? Try the Tan Boosting Face Serum for an instant glow! All our serums are designed to adapt to all skin types.

When should I apply my serum?

You can apply a serum in the morning or evening. But in any case, it should be applied after cleansing the skin and before applying a moisturizer. This allows the serum's actives to penetrate deep into the skin.

I am a woman, can I use this product?

Of course! If you prefer lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky textures that penetrate quickly and are enriched with anti-aging actives, then our brand can meet your expectations! In fact, since our Hyper-hyaluronic Serum is ultra-concentrated in hyaluronic acids, we have many very loyal customers to this product.

Can I mix my cream with my serum?

It's often not recommended to mix your serum with your cream. Sometimes, the formulas may not be compatible, and it can disrupt their effectiveness. Ideally, you should first apply your serum, then apply your cream on top to seal everything in.


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