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Why use beard products?

The beard has become one of men's favorite styles. However, it's important to know that beard hair is much drier than the hair on the head, which benefits from abundant sebum production at the scalp. Moreover, underneath the beard, the skin tends to be particularly dry with often irritation, flaking ('dandruff'), and tightness sensations. Therefore, it's especially important to maintain not only the beard but also the skin underneath. This is where beard products like our 5-in-1 Beard Oil come in handy.

How to maintain your beard?

Nothing simpler and more effective: clean, hydrate, and style. Use a suitable cleanser to clean thoroughly. Then spread a few drops of our beard oil in the palm of your hands, starting by applying against the grain (from the neck upwards on the face), lightly massaging to hydrate and nourish the skin underneath the beard. Then, smooth the beard in the right direction to hydrate and smooth it.

You can finish by using a brush and comb to give it the shape you desire.

Our oil is dry, so it's perfect for hydrating without leaving residue.

How to boost beard growth?

Our 5-in-1 Beard Oil is here for that! It contains castor oil, known to stimulate hair growth. Massage a bit during application to stimulate blood circulation and help promote rapid and healthy growth!


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