Can the Night Cycle range be applied during the day?

Indeed, the name 'Night Cycle' might suggest that the cream should be exclusively used in the evening. However, this cream can just as easily be applied in the morning. It contains the Urban Shield, an ingredient patented by 66°30 which helps prevent and combat oxidative stress caused by pollution and other external aggressions. This cream offers a non-greasy, non-sticky finish, providing a very pleasant sensation upon application.

What is the difference between the Night Cycle and the Extreme Cycle?

The Extreme Cycle is characterized by its Essential Balm with a richer texture, creating a real protective barrier against daily aggressions such as wind, cold, and pollution. It also has a razor burn prevention function, being very rich. It can be used in the morning and/or evening, and, in line with our mattifying commitment, won't leave a greasy feeling on the skin. The Essential Balm belongs to the Extreme Cycle, which focuses on intense hydration and extreme anti-aging. That's why it contains two weights of Hyaluronic Acid: high molecular weight for surface hydration, and low molecular weight to stimulate the skin's collagen.

As for the Night Cycle, it offers comprehensive anti-aging action thanks to a combination of active ingredients that stimulate, firm, and boost the skin's collagen. Despite its nighttime designation, it can also be used in the morning. Its texture is lighter and more fluid, suitable for daily use.


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