What are the benefits of algae for the skin?

Algae offer a multitude of beneficial actions for the skin, including UV absorption, repairing sun damage, moisturizing the epidermis, smoothing the skin, stimulating cellular renewal, and boosting collagen.

Why are algae used in cosmetic products?

Algae are rich in minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, making them valuable ingredients for skincare products. Their nutrients protect collagen and elastin fibers, promoting skin suppleness and firmness.

Why is France advanced in the use of algae in cosmetics?

France, with its tradition of thalassotherapy and its coastline rich in algae, is advanced in the use of algae in cosmetics.

How are algae integrated into beauty products at 66°30?

At 66°30, algae come from the Brittany coast. They are integrated into beauty products for their moisturizing, anti-aging, and regenerative properties. They are an integral part of our planet's biodiversity and offer a source of valuable natural actives to preserve skin beauty.


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