What is dry skin?

 Dry skin is a skin type characterized by feelings of tightness usually due to a deficiency of water and lipids (fats). This condition results from an alteration of the skin barrier, making the skin thin, with a tight texture and sometimes showing redness. In the absence of this protection, the skin becomes more vulnerable, loses its ability to retain water, and is frequently prone to dehydration.

How do you recognize dry skin?

 Dry skin is characterized by feelings of tightness, pronounced roughness, and a tight texture. It is generally lacking in suppleness and can be prone to irritations and itching. Dry skin is often also thin and lacks flexibility.

Dry skin vs. dehydrated skin, what's the difference?

Dry skin is a "permanent" skin type resulting from a deficit in lipids (fats) and water because the skin barrier is damaged, so it cannot retain water inside, while dehydrated skin is a "temporary" condition caused by a lack of hydration in water. Dehydrated skin can affect all skin types, even oily skin.

What texture should I favor?

For dry skin, it is advisable to favor rich and nourishing textures, such as emollient creams or balms. These textures will help restore the skin barrier and retain hydration.

In the 66°30 range, the 6-in-1 Day Cycle, the Night Cycle, and the Extreme Balm are three products particularly suitable for this type of dry skin.

I have dry skin, how often can I wash my face per day?

To take care of dry skin, it is suggested to limit face washes to once a day, preferably in the evening, to remove impurities. An ultra-gentle cleanser respecting the skin's pH is essential to avoid further damaging the skin barrier. The Ultra-Gentle Face Cleanser from 66°30, which is 100% naturally derived and soap-free, is ideal for dry skin.


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