Our treatment for dark circles & puffiness
What are dark circles?

Dark circles are a variation in skin coloration under the eyes, presenting in 3 types: pigmented, vascular, and hollow.

◉Pigmented: Also known as brown circles, they are often due to hyperpigmentation of the skin under the eyes, with various causes such as genetics, lack of sleep, stress, or sun exposure.

◉Vascular: They result from dilation of blood vessels under the eyes, leading to a bluish or purplish discoloration, often linked to poor blood circulation, eye fatigue, allergies, or genetic factors.

◉Hollow: Also called sunken circles, they result from loss of volume under the eyes, creating a shadow under the eye, with causes related to aging, weight loss, or poor lifestyle habits.

What are eye bags?

Eye bags are swellings under the lower eyelids, distinguished into two types: watery bags and fatty bags.

◉Watery bags: Due to a slowdown in lymphatic circulation during the night, they may naturally disappear after waking up but persist in case of circulation issues or water retention, which can be alleviated by a healthy lifestyle.

◉Fatty bags: Result from the accumulation of fat under the orbit, which can become permanent with age and skin laxity, requiring specific care to reduce their appearance.

How to remove dark circles?

Before attempting to remove dark circles, it's essential to understand the different types of dark circles and their associated causes:

◉Pigmented: Use sunscreen to protect the skin and opt for brightening products containing vitamin C or kojic acid.

◉Vascular: Reduce salt in your diet, apply cold compresses to stimulate blood circulation, and use products containing tourmaline powder to improve blood circulation, which you can find in our 3-in-1 Eye Contour.

◉Hollow: Hydrate your skin well with a specific eye contour product and use products containing hyaluronic acid to help plump the skin.

How to remove eye bags?

◉Watery bags: Gently massage the eye contour from the inside to the outside to stimulate lymphatic circulation. You can also store your creams in the refrigerator for an additional decongestant effect.

◉Fatty bags: Opt for treatments containing actives that promote fat destocking, such as Black Wheat present in the 66°30 eye contour. This active ingredient stimulates lipolysis to eliminate fat deposits and reduce eye bags.

I am a woman, can I use this product?

Of course! If you prefer light, non-greasy, non-sticky textures that penetrate quickly and are enriched with anti-aging actives, then our brand can meet your expectations!


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