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What is the purpose of a scrub?

A scrub helps to rid the skin of dead cells and gives it a fresh or 'youthful' look. By using a scrub regularly, you refine its texture, tighten pores, restore radiance and brightness to your complexion, all while stimulating cellular renewal. And the bonus? In summer, a scrub is your best ally for an even and lasting tan!

How often should I scrub?

Remember, too much scrubbing can sometimes do more harm than good. Using a scrub too often risks aggressing your skin, which will react by overproducing sebum. At 66°30, we recommend using a scrub every 10 to 15 days, depending on the sensitivity of your skin, but no more than once a week!

Chemical scrub, mechanical scrub, what is it?

Mechanical scrubs use grains or beads to exfoliate the skin through mechanical action (by lightly massaging it), while chemical scrubs act through a natural chemical reaction, without grains, thanks to specific enzymes that eliminate dead cells. Two complementary methods for the same goal: luminous skin! However, chemical doesn't mean artificial! Our 66°30 scrub has a dual mechanical action (with 4 types of particles of complementary sizes and hardness) and a 'chemical' action thanks to the presence of a cocktail of completely natural fruit acids.

What is the difference between a scrub and a mask?

A mask provides a concentrated blend of active ingredients to moisturize, purify, or revitalize your skin, according to your needs but instantaneously! In the 66°30 3-in-1 Scrub & Mask, you benefit from a triple action: mechanical scrub, 'chemical/enzymatic' scrub, and a kaolin mask (very fine white clay) to purify pores.

How often should I use a mask?

Generally, a moisturizing mask can be used once or twice a week. If your skin is often dehydrated and frequently feels tight, you can opt for twice a week. The best of the best? It's to apply your mask directly after a scrub. Did you know? You can use our 3-in-1 Scrub & Mask as a mask only, just by applying a layer on the face, without rubbing, and leaving the mask on for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing. This way, you'll have purified, clear, and luminous skin without aggressing it.

I am a woman, can I use this product?

Certainly! If you prefer lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky textures that penetrate quickly and are enriched with anti-aging actives, then our brand can meet your expectations!


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