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Is organic shampoo effective for hair washing?

We're used to thinking that the more it foams, the better it cleans, but think again. Organic shampoos may have less foam than conventional products, but at 66°30, we use 100% natural cleansing agents that clean just as effectively. You'll have the same feeling of freshness, and as a bonus, it's much gentler on your scalp!

I have sensitive skin, can I use your products?

Do you have sensitive skin? Our products are made for you! With 100% plant-based cleansing agents, sebum-regulating Raspberry water, all with an ultra-rinsable formula that takes care of your skin gently, even for regular shampoos.

How can I accelerate hair growth?

Our products contain ingredients like Organic Nettle extract, which stimulates microcirculation and strengthens the scalp to promote hair growth.

I have dandruff, can I use your products?

 Dandruff is often the result of products that are too harsh and/or too frequent shampoos, which in both cases, lead to a reaction of the scalp that, to defend itself, produces an excess of sebum. Our advice is to wash your hair regularly, but no more than every three or four days.

Our ultra-gentle and ultra-rinsable shampoo, soap-free, essential oil-free, allergen-free, amonium lauryl sulfate (ALS)-free, and alcohol-free, based on plant-based cleansing agents, Organic Nettle extract, and particularly suitable for taking care of your hair and scalp without aggressiveness.

Ultra-rinsable, it leaves no residue.

How often should I wash my hair?

It is generally recommended twice a week, but follow the rhythm that suits your hair and scalp best. Too frequent shampoos can make your hair greasier, and with itching and possibly dandruff.

I am a woman, can I use this product?

Certainly! If you prefer lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky textures that penetrate quickly and are enriched with anti-aging actives, then our brand can meet your expectations!


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