Why are our products so expensive ?

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You don't understand why our products are more expensive on average than some of our competitors? 

We finally explain the reasons:


In a standard cosmetic product, there is between 40 and 80% of water. The best clue is to look at the INCI list, which is sorted in descending order of ingredients. In almost all products, "Aqua(water)" comes first. In the 66°30 products of the Care range (moisturizers, anti-aging, etc.) we have less than 3% water.

In a standard care product, there is between 5 and 15% of active ingredients. In a 66°30 skin care product, there is between 80 and 88% of active ingredients.


In a standard organic care product, there is a minimum of 20% of organic ingredients. In a 66°30 care product, there are between 60 and 90% organic ingredients. This is easier to identify because for certified organic products, the percentage is obligatorily written on the packaging.


Finally, in our moisturizing and anti-aging skin care products, we use high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (about 750€/kg) for moisturizing and low molecular weight (about 2.000€/kg) for anti-aging. So, for example, our Hyper-hyaluronic Extreme Serum contains 5% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, the highest concentration we know of on the market.