The importance of a facial cleanser

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Oily skin, blackheads and ingrown hairs are among the most common problems for men. This is also due in part to our modern lifestyles, including stress, lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, smoking and alcohol...

Do you want to start taking care of your skin? The first essential step is to cleanse your face daily with a suitable product.


Unlike washing with clean water, the cleanser will rid the skin of all the impurities it has accumulated during the day (pollution particles, dust, sebum, cosmetic residues, germs, etc.). These impurities can actually damage the skin's barrier function, cause a drop in pH, clog pores and consequently cause pimples and blackheads to appear. Pollution can also cause skin irritation, skin inflammation, dryness, dullness, etc.

Moreover, during the night the skin experiences a moment of intense regeneration: the microcirculation is boosted and the process of repair and cellular renewal is activated. However, the impurities of daily life can strongly hinder this process. 

A skin free of impurities, sebum, dead skin, is also a skin more willing to receive care. In fact, facial cleansing facilitates the absorption of skin care products and therefore makes them more effective.


When choosing a cleanser, it is important to make sure that it is suitable for the face. Shower gels and liquid soaps are too aggressive for facial skin, which is more fragile. As well as all solid soaps, especially Marseille and Aleppo soaps...

Then, we absolutely avoid all the detergent and allergenic ingredients such as: alcohol or sulfates which are very drying and irritating...

Finally, we prefer gentle cleansers in order not to aggress the skin and cause an overproduction of sebum in reaction (which would be counterproductive) 


66°30 Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser offers you the perfect compromise between efficiency and gentleness. This ultra-gentle, soap-free facial cleanser, based on vegetable cleansing agents and Aloe Vera, cranberry plant water and willow extract, purifies and moisturizes your skin daily while regulating sebum production. Without alcohol, without ammonium lauryl sulfate, without essential oils, without allergens..., this product will adapt to the needs of all skins, even the most sensitive.