Daily habits for a young and healthy skin

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A good skincare routine is good. But combining it with good daily habits is better!


Dehydrated skin is not necessarily due to the skincare products you apply, but perhaps to the fact that you don't drink enough water during the day. For a healthy skin it is important to drink throughout the day because the skin is composed of 70% water.


We know that sport is good for our health. But physical activity is also very good for the appearance of the skin. Sport stimulates blood circulation (which helps the skin to regenerate) and allows, through perspiration, to eliminate toxins that affect the quality of the skin. Sport also helps limit stress, which can be the cause of imperfections.


Like sports, sleep is essential for good health. But as an added incentive, it helps you to have beautiful skin! Indeed, cell renewal takes place during the night, so the better you sleep, the more effective it is. A good night's sleep improves microcirculation, especially under the eyes, regeneration and healing of the skin and helps to manufacture collagen.


We don't necessarily think about it, but our smartphone screens are nests of bacteria. And during the day, our phone rings and we stick it against our cheek... Result: we get back what we had on our hands, on our cheeks... and therefore buttons.

A good habit to take, every day, when we go back home, we pass a small disinfecting wipe on our screen. A small gesture that will make all the difference on your skin!


The sun is the first cause of skin aging, but it can even be very dangerous for your health. Protecting your skin from the sun helps delay the loss of skin elasticity, its thickening, as well as the appearance of brown spots. UVA rays (responsible for two thirds of premature skin aging) are the rays that we do not feel (unlike UVB rays, which burn). They damage the skin and make it age faster. And these are the ones that strike all day long, even on cloudy days, even through windows.